What I do at Storyblok

How does a day in my life as a Data Engineer at Storyblok look like?

Answering the Question "What do you at Storyblok?". It's not obvious from the job title.

Before I get to the answer of the question, let's step back a little: Storyblok was still at less than 30 employees when I joined. My job title when I was hired was "Developer Experience Engineer". Good thing that didn't stick around because frankly it was a horrible description of what I do.

Now after we grew the team by a factor of 8 and we had to restructure our teams, we also figured out a better job title for my position: Data Engineer.

But does that really make it any more clear what I do? Well it's certainly less wrong,

My Responsibilities


Every team and person in our company has their own tools they use to do their best work. Some of them integrate well with the other systems that are in place, some don't. Part of my job is to make sure that these tools work well together.

As an example: when you fill out a form on our website, your data has to go somewhere, be it our CRM system so that our sales team can reach out to you when you want to talk about pricing, our newsletter provider when you want to keep up to date what we're doing, and much more.

Data Pipelines

At Storyblok we put an effort into making data driven decisions. We believe in hard evidence more than in gut feelings. But this evidence has to come from somewhere. Our data scientists are awesome at analyzing data, so I do my part and help them in getting that data from the individual sources into our data warehouse.

Project Implementation

As you might have guessed from the automation part above, not only do I customize and connect existing tools and software, but when systems have to be migrated or new ones implemented, I am part of the project teams to make sure, that the technical parts go smoothly.

Part of my education was in accounting, which helps me a lot in communicating with our finance team efficiently and recognizing problems early and addressing them quickly.

Learning and Sharing Knowledge

Our internal Slack is very lively and I like engaging with my colleagues on a regular basis, so whenever possible I try to read as much as possible in our various Slack channels to learn, engage and contribute.

We're over 230 people at the time of writing, so there's no shortage of fascinating topics being discussed.




Gerrit Plehn
Data Engineer with a passion for music, science, technology and much more.